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To my first roommate:
´╗┐You're being a passive-aggressive muppet.  You're an awesome person, you really are.  You invited me into your apartment, and we've lived happily for a while.  Hell, I'm even on the lease as a co-signer.  I realize that you like to keep the apartment clean...I do as well.  However, I'm not the cleanest person.  But by the same token, that does not give you the right to throw my cooking stuff into my room because it clutters up the kitchen, which you consider "Your" space.  Dear, you spend 85% of the week at your boyfriends house.  You sleep in the apartment MAYBE 1 night a week.  And when you ARE home, you don't do the dishes.  Case in point, I was gone managing an event from Thursday to Sunday evening, and cleaned up the house before I left so that you could have company.  I left some dishes (a pot, a dish, and some cutlery) in the sink because I needed to leave quickly.  I come home on Sunday, the dishes are still in the sink, some things (two small votive candles) have been thrown into my room, and yet you vacuumed.  So clearly, you are capable of cleaning.  
Which then leads us to a question.  Why, when you know (because of my constant warnings) that I will be completely and totally wiped out on Sunday evening, do you think it appropriate to bitch at me for the house being messy?  If it had just been me and my other roommate, it wouldn't have been too bad.  But you did it when my boyfriend and his other partner were over.  So, you not only bitched at me, you embarrassed me in front of people I care about, and you were bitching at me for things that you are capable of doing yourself.  I understand that you're not often at the apartment, but that actually gives you LESS credence when you say that you don't even want to come home because it's that messy.  I don't believe I've seen you clean since mid-September, and that was only because you had company.  I've been doing all the cleaning since then.  So, when you say that either you're going to move out, or we're going to move out...that just makes you look like a passive-aggressive muppet, not as someone being reasonable and rational.  
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