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So, I finally wrote a letter to the president of my university about issues transpeople on campus face. I'd be really grateful for any feedback!

Dear President, )


Sep. 26th, 2008 09:21 am
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Aetna "member services" rep, I hate you.
Calling me "sir" when you've asked me to spell my name, a GIRLS name, is absurd.
Further, when I correct you and say that "I'm a Ma'am", that does NOT mean you can say "I called you sir!"
And then yelling at me for a half-hour, telling me blatent lies, and then refusing to transfer me to other people...
Finally, after fighting back tears, she finally gets bored with torturing me, and I got transferred to someone in Pharmacy.
He was SO sweet and kind and I knew where he was working, I'd go and give him a huge hug!
He asked member services all the questions I didn't get answered before, was trying to figure out ways to help me...
and he found out I can out myself to Aetna and not get my coverage terminated! And maybe get some of my medications covered!
I spent a half-hour on the phone with member services, and got no answers.
I spent an hour and a half on the phone with sweet pharmacy guy, and got all the answers i wanted, and more besides!
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So, my girlfriend and I just got back from Baltimore. I'll post at length later, but here are some reminders for myself:
The Baltimore Zoo pales in comparison to the Philadelphia Zoo.
Bodyworlds is triggering in SO many ways...
As a addendum to bodyworlds being triggering, I've been dealing with some serious body/anatomy angst lately.
I got a scholarship.
My friend caused me to get slightly sunburned.
My name change is in 5 days.
school starts in 5 days.
A few other things i know i wanted to post, but i'll think of them later.
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So, I saw a girl looking back at me from the mirror this morning...
That's not TOO unusual anymore, but what made it unusual was that I was in my andro work clothes.
I guess I better start talking about presentation to my boss...
On a brighter note, I got a back check from my old job at Bath and Body works...175 to me!

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