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-.- Train died at the first fuckin' stop.
GF and I waited for an hour to be taken to a new stop to get on a new train.
At that rate- we missed our first class.
We just went to the other tracks and went home.
When we got back, GF drove us to breakfast in my car.
GF didn't have cash.
So, GF went to an ATM, got cash.
That embarassment over- we headed over to the nearby gamestop.
It was closed. Grrr.
We head back to my car and as we're waiting for it to warm up, this guy taps on the window.
He asks if I intentionally slammed the driverside door into his van as he points to a fucking DIRT smudge...
Then starts screaming at us.
then starts screaming at me about how it had to be my car
since the scratch "lines up" with my door.
then starts screaming at me for my information
He then starts going at me after I ask for his information, because “I Don’t need his info”
Causing me a mild panic attack.
-.- Day from hell.
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So, my girlfriend and I just got back from Baltimore. I'll post at length later, but here are some reminders for myself:
The Baltimore Zoo pales in comparison to the Philadelphia Zoo.
Bodyworlds is triggering in SO many ways...
As a addendum to bodyworlds being triggering, I've been dealing with some serious body/anatomy angst lately.
I got a scholarship.
My friend caused me to get slightly sunburned.
My name change is in 5 days.
school starts in 5 days.
A few other things i know i wanted to post, but i'll think of them later.
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I just changed my name and gender on facebook.
Time to see who notices...

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