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So, I finally wrote a letter to the president of my university about issues transpeople on campus face. I'd be really grateful for any feedback!

Dear President, )
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So, my girlfriend and I just got back from Baltimore. I'll post at length later, but here are some reminders for myself:
The Baltimore Zoo pales in comparison to the Philadelphia Zoo.
Bodyworlds is triggering in SO many ways...
As a addendum to bodyworlds being triggering, I've been dealing with some serious body/anatomy angst lately.
I got a scholarship.
My friend caused me to get slightly sunburned.
My name change is in 5 days.
school starts in 5 days.
A few other things i know i wanted to post, but i'll think of them later.
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On viewing an old picture of myself

I look at the picture,
Then compare it
To it’s current incarnation.
My TuID card is placed
Next to the boy’s face.
A girl stares back at me.
I look to the left
And a boy stares back at me.
The skin has acne.
The grin is forced and phony.
The hair is short and messy.
The eyes are dull and lifeless.
The boy says,
so no one will hear him cry,
“Help me.
I’m dying.
I’m suffocating.
Take me with you
Wherever you go.”
I could be describing any picture.
But this girl is describing herself.
I look to the right.
The girl says
With concern in her voice,
“I want to help you.
But you have to believe
(as hackneyed as it seems)
that your mind is free.
Follow me to a new land
Where the air is fresh and clean.
Where you can be
And finally feel human,
And not like a farce.”
I see a familiar face.
The skin is clear.
The smile is genuine.
The hair is long and straight.
But the eyes! The eyes are alive!
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One of my favorite responses:


I am very proud of you, and I'm so glad you're finding the change everything you hoped.

XD Being a chick is fun!

(I totally got this pronoun thing COVERED! ^_^~)"

My favorite so far:
"hey allie,
i support you 100%. i think you should do what ever makes you happy and if this is the real you then im happy you are sharing that with us now. hit me up sometime we havent talked in forever
your lil sister *name* "

I'm more than a little relieved...

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I just changed my name and gender on facebook.
Time to see who notices...
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I just spent almost an hour and a half crying into my girlfriends shoulder this morning. I just couldn't stop crying. Every time she would start to get me calmed down, I'd just start sobbing again. I've never cried that much before. Almost two years of holding in my emotions about my parents and the way they've been acting towards me just poured out of me, and I'm still not finished... 


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