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-.- Train died at the first fuckin' stop.
GF and I waited for an hour to be taken to a new stop to get on a new train.
At that rate- we missed our first class.
We just went to the other tracks and went home.
When we got back, GF drove us to breakfast in my car.
GF didn't have cash.
So, GF went to an ATM, got cash.
That embarassment over- we headed over to the nearby gamestop.
It was closed. Grrr.
We head back to my car and as we're waiting for it to warm up, this guy taps on the window.
He asks if I intentionally slammed the driverside door into his van as he points to a fucking DIRT smudge...
Then starts screaming at us.
then starts screaming at me about how it had to be my car
since the scratch "lines up" with my door.
then starts screaming at me for my information
He then starts going at me after I ask for his information, because “I Don’t need his info”
Causing me a mild panic attack.
-.- Day from hell.
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So, myparents seem to have seen fit to deem me not worthy of using my tuititon accout program...and tutition comes due on AUGUST 5! They told me of their devious plan on Thursday evening, which means that i've got to get this straightened out immediately.
I can't decide wether I want to scream, or cry. I've been doing both over the past few days...all over what's happened. My parents forced me to drop down to 9 credits, never minding that one of the reasons that I did poorly last semester was because I was skipping class due to crying on Mel's shoulder over my folks and how they were treating me. They just...i don't know what they just.
They just. That's all I can say.
i'm going back to getting a shower...
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So, i'm beginning to not like work.
Not because of the customers...they're the same as everywhere else. Annoying, but tolerable.
not the location...it's about 10 mins from my apartment.
Not the pay...even though it does suck.
not my boss...he's a real nice guy. Little bizarre at times, and can't keep everybodies name straight, but he's really nice.
it's my coworkers.
two, specifically.
See, i'm out at work. They know i'm trans, and they know i'm pan/bi.
And it seems to be a big joke for them.
like today. A girl came in asking about a job, and my nobody asked if she was 18. Later on, my boss and one of the two were talking, and they mentioned that they didn't look 18, and I asked if they meant the girl, and the kid said 'yeah, the girl. The REAL girl.'
thanks. Thanks a lot.

EDIT: knucklehead #1 said that he'd knock it off. Now to work on knucklehead #2.
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