Apr. 4th, 2009

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(4:09:39 PM) Allie: Meh.
(4:09:50 PM) Allie: I just watch with bemusement
(4:09:56 PM) Allie: I watch football
(4:09:59 PM) julia: But, NYC itself...is awesome.
(4:10:06 PM) julia: Expensive, but awesome.
(4:10:14 PM) julia: been there by myself once, and loved it.
(4:10:15 PM) Allie: The real football, not that watered-down version America calls football.
(4:10:25 PM) julia: You watch Soccer, then...
(4:10:31 PM) Allie: no, i watch football.
(4:10:38 PM) julia: Australian Rules?
(4:10:42 PM) julia: Rugby?
(4:10:44 PM) Allie: no, football.
(4:10:50 PM) julia: Soccer?
(4:10:54 PM) Allie: like, proper pitch, world cup, fifa?
(4:10:59 PM) julia: Yes.
(4:11:01 PM) julia: Soccer
(4:11:07 PM) Allie: No, football!
(4:11:08 PM) julia: That's what we call it here in America
(4:11:17 PM) Allie: but to the rest of the world, it's football.
(4:11:23 PM) julia: Football is played by people in pads and helmets.
(4:11:41 PM) julia: In the rest of the world, they're starting to call it Soccer some places
(4:11:50 PM) julia: American influence
(4:11:53 PM) ***Allie had the difference explained to her by a rabid Tartan Army supporter

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